Championing Hybrid Intelligence

to enhance human intellect, not replace it.

Human skills linked to mastery of technology to enhance decision making and achieve superior results through data driven solutions.

With the shift to tech-driven hiring practices and remote work culture, hiring the right talent and using data-driven insights has become a matter of concern, especially with traditional methods of hiring and assessments being prone to bias and socially desirable outcomes.

The hybrid approach provides many advantages like generating new knowledge in complex domains that allow humans to learn from AI’s insights and make effective decisions. Hybrid intelligence has the potential to be transformative for global problem solving and have applications across sectors, especially in data driven approaches for efficient talent acquisition solutions.


See how PerspectAI has successfully created a partnership between human intelligence and artificial intelligence to help organizations make effective talent decisions.

Research on Hybrid Intelligence indicates that,

noting   Solving problems through Hybrid Intelligence offers the possibility to allocate a task between humans and artificial agents, and deliberately achieve a superior outcome on the socio-technical system level by aggregating the output of its parts  noting

GDP Model

Game Science

game science data science people science during hiring

The most efficient way to determine an individual’s behavioralattributes and abilities is to place them in a context. PerspectAI’s games and simulations aim at creating context-based challenges to uncover the true potential of candidates.

Data Science

game science data science people science during hiring

Data driven talent decision making is the ONLY way forward. We use modern data science techniques to create success profiles for job roles. With these insights, our recommendation engine automatically matches jobs with the right talent.

People Science

game science data science people science during hiring

The key to good hiring is understanding the core competencies of an organization. Using principles of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, we identify position-specific and organizational competencies that drive success. In order to hire for a role, it is imperative to understand the core competencies required. We use I/O principles to identify the competencies that align with each role's success and map them to the games that give insights into these competencies.

In parallel with competency mapping, the basis of Industrial psychology aids the function of Job Analysis to determine the KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities) and behaviors required to perform successfully. I/O solutions are tailored to provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of the job and enhance the hiring process.

At PerspectAI, we recommend psychometrically sound assessments specifically designed to identify key areas of strengths and skill gaps in individuals. Our library of assessments hosts reliable and valid psychometric tests, game-based cognitive assessments, and AI-proctored solutions—recommended based on a thorough analysis of job requirements. Taking a step further from the traditional hiring process, we believe in providing strategic solutions and organizational development interventions to build a thriving workforce.

The birth of cognitive science has been linked to technological advances, creating a basis for measuring variation in an individual's skills and abilities. In addition, studies in cognitive science have nudged the perception of games by identifying them as environments of learning and upskilling for individuals. At PerspectAI, we use the basis of standard cognitive experiments and research to produce data-driven insights that can be applied to employee selection.


Success profile

At PerspectAI, we aspire to make companies more efficient, unbiased, and profitable in the hiring process with our carefully curated talent assessment tool. The PerspectAI way of talent acquisition entails an exciting process.


Administer the competency-based assessment to the existing employees


Compare and correlate actual job performance against our test scores


Set cut-offs and benchmarks based on high-performers success profiles

This process is essential because every job requires specific abilities and traits, and the extent to which each of these abilities is needed varies with the task and the work environment, making it easier to narrow down the high-potential candidates.
candidate success profile evaluation during hiring

How it is created?


How it works?




PersepectAI’s recommendation engine is designed with multiple dimensions to help HRs understand the candidates’ suitability for the role from various viewpoints. Recruiters can mark abilities as Must Have in the assessment and set varying Cut offs and Benchmarks to abilities and traits to focus on job specific competencies. Through the recommendation engine configuration, a recruiter can expect to sort the applicants into categories of selection and rejection through three categories of recommendation.

Since ‘Potential’ is a hard-to-develop component of the building blocks, it is crucial for organizations to find the ‘right’ potential, who then succeed in open positions. A strong multi-measure test is a combination of assessments that measure cognitive abilities,personality traits, and values.

Multimeasure Test
multi measure test at Perspect AI