Game-based Assessments, paving the way for identifying true potential of candidates.

Why do we play games?

To engage in challenges and adventures, to witness our intellect in action, to unveil our hidden talent and skills, and to re-discover ourselves.

This is exactly why we chose Games for modern-day Talent Assessments coupled with

Data Science and Psychological Science.
games in pre employment assessments
games in pre employment assessments

Game-based Assessments (GBAs) can be defined as an assessment method in which candidates participate in context-based gameplay, intended to bring about a psychological state called gameful experience, where individuals' intentions and behaviors are elicited in simulated situations that GBAs create. Game-based Assessments are proven to be more engaging in eliciting a true behavioral response in test-takers than traditional psychometrics.

Traditional psychometric assessments are criticized due to various undesirable characteristics associated with their application in personnel selection. For example, self‐report measures are prone to biases related to a person's ability to reflect upon themselves accurately and their intent to do so honestly. Traditional Psychometrics also lead to drop in candidate participation rate due to its length and unengaging assessment structure.

measure traditional psychometric assessments during hiring
measure traditional psychometric assessments during hiring

Game‐based assessments (GBAs) offer potential solutions to the stated challenges. GBAs integrate game elements into assessment resultantly improving candidate's engagement, measurement approach, fairness of measurement, and reduced bias in the process as a whole.

games in assessments

Games provide new opportunities to collect, analyze, and interpret data during the gameplay experience, offering more than a mechanism to examine performance through outcomes alone. GBAs give access to behavioral and learning data that emerge in the process of gameplay. These process-oriented, dynamic data have great potential to yield insight into the candidate's higher-order thinking and contextual understanding of the world.

The Game-based methods of assessing a candidate's knowledge, skills,abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) are supported to predict job performance and help in making effective hiring decisions. GBAs improve the efficiency and accuracy of the selection process since it is more difficult for test‐takers to fake the assessment, as desirable behaviors may be less evident to candidates playing the games. Moreover, using GBAs will lead to increased engagement and positive perceptions of the organization, signaling that it is at the cutting edge of technology offering a competitive advantage in acquiring talent.

measure traditional psychometric assessments during hiring
measure traditional psychometric assessments during hiring

The Evolution of Psychometrics

Understand the story of psychometrics from pre-history to 2022 and future trends.

History of Game-Based Assesments

Compare the features, advantages of GBAs over traditional Pyschometrics.

Engaging Experience

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” At PerspectAI, we follow this religiously and thus we build engaging games and simulations to understand the true potential of candidates by capturing their behavioral responses in a context.

engaging experience through games in pre employment assessments
improving candidate experience through game-based assessments

Candidate Experience

PerspectAI’s games and simulations are engaging and less intimidating, creating a positive, dynamic environment for candidates to interact. They are flexible and can be administered on a standalone basis, whether on a PC or a Mobile. In either case, it provides a rich and swift experience for the candidate.

Process Analysis

PerspectAI’s Game Science does not just indicate whether or not a candidate solved a problem. Our Behavioral analytics helps understand in-game responses such as, steps taken in the game to solve the problem or reach a conclusion. This process analysis allows us to identify and group the top-performing cohorts.

games science in employment test

The Game-based Assessment is an emerging area in I/O psychology and educational psychology. So, this paper introduces the evolution of gamified assessments and the different evidence-based frameworks utilized to develop the Games.

Personnel selection is the research domain in the I/O psychology, and it cares about what kind of evidence-based methods should be utilized in the employee hiring process. So, this paper reviews all the existing personnel selection methods and their predictive validity.

Recruitment and selection is a very fast-moving domain. So, the recent developments can be inferred and tracked from a meta-analysis; Thus, the paper gives a larger perspective on new technologies utilized in employee hiring.

New-age selection methods based on AI provide an unbiased, seamless, data-driven approach to Employee hiring. This paper explains the standards and protocols for using AI-based Talent solutions.

Gamification of learning and assessment is an emerging field; academicians around the world significantly contributed towards the same in the past two decades. Their research findings led to different paradigms and one among them is Serious Games. This paper is a thorough review of the domain.

Reliability and validity are the two essential psychometric properties which can be used for evaluating which personnel selection method is apt. The Society for Industrial and Organizational (SOIP), in collaboration with APA, releases a periodical tool kit to validate different recruitment methods.

Evidence-centered design was used to build psychometric tests and develop games. This framework gives flexibility to capture an individual's cognitive process while playing a game or taking a test. This paper provides an overview of the ECD framework.

Applied psychology field has always been curious about understanding the personality of an Individual. An applied field like I/O Psychology has leveraged this curiosity to predict the employee's performance on the job; this is done by evaluating their personality at the time of recruitment. This paper gives a review of best practices and controversies in personality assessment.

The current machine learning systems cannot replicate humans' ability to be creative, intuitive, and innovative. Thus, hybrid intelligence creates a collaborative environment for interaction between humans and AI, a seamless pathway to make decisions optimally through a data-driven approach.