The Future of Language Testing
Next-Gen English Language Assessments
Next-Gen English Language Assessments
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In the realm of language assessment, we blend time-tested methods with cutting-edge AI.
Our English language tests represent a fusion of the best of both worlds, delivering a holistic evaluation of language proficiency, designed specifically for non-native speakers.
The Classic Approach
Our reading assessments precisely measure candidates' reading proficiency. They identify nuances in language, evaluating candidates' ability to understand and interpret complex texts, making it an invaluable tool for HR and industries.
Reading Comprehension
Tests the capacity to grasp and make sense of written passages, including answering questions that assess comprehension, inference, and vocabulary within the text.
Constructs Measured
The ability to understand and interpret written text.
The ability to draw logical conclusions and make an educated guess based on the provided text.
The knowledge and usage of a wide range of words that demonstrate the ability to use English effectively.
Our listening assessments assess candidates' auditory comprehension, detecting their ability to comprehend spoken language, including nuances in accents, intonations, and everyday expressions.
Listen & Type
Evaluates the ability to listen and fill in missing information in a spoken passage or transcribe spoken content into text, assessing listening comprehension, language understanding and vocabulary knowledge at different difficulty levels.
Listen & Answer
Measures the ability to comprehend and respond to monologues or dialogues of varying complexity, evaluating listening comprehension, vocabulary, and inference skills.
Constructs Measured
Language Comprehension
The ability to understand spoken content, including discerning main ideas, details, and context.
The ability to deduce the meaning of words by considering its context.
Inference and Interpretation
The ability to draw logical conclusions, make educated guesses, and interpret spoken information.
The AI Advantage
AI-enhanced speaking assessments evaluate candidates' fluency, and ability to convey ideas coherently. This is crucial for industries where effective verbal communication is a necessity.
Requires the test-taker to speak spontaneously on a given topic, assessing grammar, fluency, vocabulary, tone, pronunciation, and context relevance.
Read Aloud
Involves reading sentences aloud, evaluating grammar, fluency, pronunciation.
Constructs Measured
The ability to express ideas clearly and accurately through the correct use of words, verb tenses, and sentence structure.
The ability to articulate thoughts smoothly and coherently, demonstrating clear and organized speech, minimal use of fillers (e.g., "um," "uh"), and effective conveyance of information within a specified timeframe.
The ability to align content with the topic or question, which is assessed by AI to measure relevance and accuracy.
Our writing assessments employ AI to assess candidates' grammar, vocabulary, and coherence in written expression. This ensures that candidates can convey ideas effectively and professionally in a written format.
Email Writing
Requires the test-taker to compose an email in a given context, evaluating their professionalism to effectively convey the intended message.
Analytical Writing
Involves writing analytical essays, assessing the test-taker's analytical ability, language proficiency and expression.
Abstract Writing
Requires the test-taker to write about the provided topic, image, or video, with the aim of assessing their ability to understand the given content and express their ideas coherently.
Constructs Measured
The ability to express ideas clearly and accurately through proper usage of parts of speech, verb tenses, and punctuation within written communication.
The knowledge and ability to employ a wide range of words effectively, enhancing the depth and precision of written expression.
The ability to ensure that written responses are relevant and consistent with the given topic or question, which is assessed by AI to measure relevance and accuracy.
Tone and Style
The ability to choose and employ a writing style and voice that aligns with the purpose and audience of the written content.
AI-Powered Proctoring
Rest easy as our advanced AI proctoring technology ensures the integrity and security of your language test, guaranteeing a trustworthy examination environment.


Industry-Tailored Tests
Our English language assessments cater to diverse industries and specific demands.
Choose from tailor-made tests designed for:
Evaluate candidates' language skills tailored to the telecom industry.
Identify individuals who can communicate fluently in the insurance domain.
Ensure your healthcare personnel can convey information in healthcare settings with ease.
Choose candidates who excel in banking-related language skills.
Identify individuals who can articulate financial concepts fluently.
Regional Proficiency
US Accent
Tailored question banks that align with American English, ideal for industries with a US-centric presence
UK Accent
Identify candidates proficient in UK-specific linguistic variations.
Indian Accent
Assess English communication in diverse Indian settings, crucial for operations in the Indian subcontinent.
S.E.A Accent
Explore language tests tailored to Southeast Asian accents, a boon for businesses operating in S.E.A regions.
Use Cases
Customer Support
Learn how our assessment tool ensures that your customer support candidates possess the language skills needed to provide excellent service and solve customer issues effectively. Our assessments ensure that every customer interaction is not only problem-solving but also a positive and memorable experience.
Use cases
Evaluate the speaking abilities of job applicants, ensuring they can communicate clearly and confidently for roles involving customer interaction.
Use cases
Screen candidates for positions requiring strong written communication skills, such as chat support or roles involving text-based interaction.
Our AI-powered language assessments ensure that your telesales representatives possess the language proficiency, fluency, and persuasion skills required to excel in this high-stakes environment. By leveraging our assessments, you can guarantee that your team's phone interactions are engaging, convincing, and successful
Graduate Hiring
By utilizing our AI-driven language assessments, you can ensure that fresh graduates meet your language proficiency and communication standards. This not only streamlines your hiring process but also allows you to tap into a diverse talent pool, choosing the best candidates for entry-level positions with confidence.
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