Good Communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Back in 2007, when Apple dropped the iPhone bomb, folks were already sold on the idea the day Steve Jobs presented it. He didn’t just unveil a product; he sold it, and we were hooked right there. Steve had this magic way of talking that made you want what he was selling. Thanks to YouTube, entrepreneurs everywhere are soaking up his communication genius.

See, Steve wasn’t just good; he was the maestro of making people crave something before it even hit the shelves. His talk game wasn’t just about tech; it was about making you feel it, making you want it. His skill wasn’t just public speaking; it was making killer business moves. People watch his videos, learning the ropes, and some are acing it, thanks to him.

His power to spark excitement and keep you glued? It’s not just a thing of the past; it’s a timeless skill. Steve Jobs didn’t just talk; he created a symphony of want, and we’re all still listening.

The Great Communication Problem!

Though we are awed by great communicators like Steve Jobs and aspire to be like them, it is easier said than done. The technology boom is making matters worse.

In a world where millennials effortlessly navigate keypads, allowing technology to speak on our behalf, we struggle to find comfort in communicating with those around us.

A few years back, I got this gig to be the EMCEE at an event. Young and brimming with confidence, I jumped right in. Little did I know, reality was about to hit me in the faceโ€”my communication skills weren’t as sharp as I thought. So, I decided to fix that.

I reached out to folks who aced these gigs, gathered feedback, and got some gold nuggets. Clear vocabulary and no excessive fillers, they said. Perfect pauses, not too many, not too few. These were the basics, often overlooked but game-changers once you nail them.

But let me tell you, holding eye contact and smiling without looking weird? Not easy. Mastering these tricks, though? That’s the key to really connecting with people.

Why Feedback Matters in Enhancing Communication Skills

Itโ€™s been a lot of years since then but the constructive feedback given then stayed with me. As time flew, communication became an important part of my personal and professional life. In the end, it is something that would help me showcase all my hard-earned skills and education.

And guess what? The same goes for you! Your coolest idea might flop if you don’t talk about it right. But nail the tone, and you could be the next Steve Jobs.

The Simple Mirror to the Save!

I noticed the ‘communication problem’ popping up many times in my career. Every time, I tackled it a bit differently, but the basics stayed the same! From school to college to work, those fundamental rules never changed. As I went on, it became clear โ€“ with some practice and good feedback, a lot of people could solve this problem.

The solution was simple but had to reach everyone. So, I thought, how about using technology to help everyone become better communicators? That’s when the idea struck. Most folks in our country have phones and the Internet. It’s a way to reach everyone. The digital age gave us a chance to provide a solution people need. The PerspectAI team gathered, brainstormed, and figured out the best way to help people improve their communication skills.

The Birth of MirrorAI – A Pocket-Friendly Communication Coach

Reflecting on my journey, I realized that things like a smile, staying calm, and clear pronunciation played a crucial role in telling our story. We needed that, so we dove into research and harnessed the latest tech โ€“ tracking eyes, capturing emotions on faces, and analyzing speech. All of it came together in one platform, and that’s how we created our first beta application for everyone โ€“ MirrorAI.

Using cutting-edge Computer Vision and Speech-based Machine Learning, we made an app for students, entrepreneurs, and professionals. It’s easy โ€“ just hop on the Android app. Students can practice interviews, entrepreneurs can nail their quick pitches, and working professionals can sharpen their presentation skills. And guess what? This is just the start. In the future, we’re adding more AI-powered features to make life even better for humans.

Ready to boost your communication skills? Hop on MirrorAI โ€“ where a smile, calmness, and clear words meet cutting-edge tech. Your journey to better communication starts here.

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