Everything about life was made by people, no smarter than you. And you can change it, and you can influence it.

Steve Jobs

Today’s world overflows with advice on “how to,” but we hold the power to choose. We can follow the crowd or, in this ‘work from home’ era, grab the reins and forge our own paths. Both organizations and employees face unique challenges now.

Engaging a remote workforce is key for organizations. Keeping them motivated, productive, and connected demands creative solutions. Employees, too, need to adapt. They must find ways to focus and stay engaged in their remote routines.

How Can Organizations Fuel Engagement in the Work From Home Era?

Working from home is more than just a workplace shift; it’s an opportunity to redefine how we work and contribute to a better world. We have the power to shape our individual and collective futures.

Organizations are adapting to new ways of business and one of the important things is to keep the employees engaged. Here are a few points that could enable the employees as well as the organization to keep us engaged:

1. Face-to-Face Interaction

Don’t let distance dim your connection. Make time for face-to-face interaction, whether it’s virtual coffee breaks or casual team lunches. Regular one-on-ones become lifelines in remote settings, letting you check their pulse and address concerns directly.

Keep communication flowing! Regular company-wide updates on goals and vision help set expectations and show transparency. This not only keeps everyone informed but also helps you gauge how employees are coping with the unique challenges of remote work.

2. Encourage Weekly Team Gatherings

Instead of mandated meetings, empower your teams to organize their own “get-togethers” for casual chatter. These optional gatherings, sparked by their own initiative, become an opportunity to share passions beyond work.

Simply connecting on a human level forges stronger bonds and ignites a spark of happiness throughout the company. It’s a win-win for everyone!

3. Build the Office Swag at Home

Have your employees carve out a dedicated space for their home offices! This designated area, even if it’s just a corner, fosters focus and a sense of routine. Employers can add to the fun by sending goodies for employees to personalize their desks.

Why bother? Competition might naturally spark, and not the kind that hurts. Instead, imagine desks transformed into mini-creativity hubs, each reflecting the occupant’s unique personality and boosting their workdays.

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4. Invest in L&D

Regular assessments aren’t just about checking progress; they’re a treasure hunt for hidden talents within your team! These insights, especially in the ‘work from home’ era, help you:

  • Know your employees better
  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • Utilize talent strategically
  • Plan targeted development

When employees feel their skills are valued and nurtured, they become more engaged and motivated. This leads to increased productivity, innovation, and ultimately, company success.

5. Introduce PerspectAI

When it comes to truly engaging and understanding your employees, traditional methods often fall short. That’s where innovative tools like PerspectAI step in, offering a fresh and engaging approach.

Picture this: instead of dry questionnaires, PerspectAI uses fun, mobile-friendly games powered by validated psychology. These engaging challenges unlock hidden potential and reveal more than just skills. They delve into cognitive abilities and personality, giving you a deeper understanding of your team members.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

  • For potential employees: No more boring tests! These fun games assess your cognitive skills and personality, paving the way for personalized learning and growth.
  • For employers: PerspectAI gives you a deeper understanding of candidates, guiding your hiring, development, and engagement strategies. Build a stronger, happier workforce that thrives.

Go beyond the resume, and unlock the human. PerspectAI is your key to a more engaged, empowered, and successful workforce.

Work From Home - Game Plan
The Work From Home Game-Plan

Though a devastating blow, the pandemic has offered a rare chance to reshape the work landscape. This, one of history’s biggest social experiments, demands both individual and organizational commitment to make it thrive.

Success with ‘work from home’ unlocks a treasure chest of benefits. Commuting shrinks, saving millions of fuel barrels and easing economic pressure.

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