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Multilingual Platform

PerspectAI believes in providing greater transparency in talent assessments while bridging the gap between talent and languages. With our multi-lingual platform, administer assessments in vernacular languages and get access to greater talent instantly from across the world!

When your brand is global and candidates are local, worry not! We’ve got you covered!

Eliminate language barriers by bridging the gap between talent and language. With our multi-lingual platform, get access to greater talent by administering assessments in vernacular languages.


Your choice of languages is yours!

Let us know which language you want. We will administer it for you. Ever ready for localization, we are all set to make this platform your best hiring tool!

multi-lingual game based assessment platform to recruit best talent

Talent can come from anywhere, don’t let language be an obstruction. With PerspectAI, hire without barriers.

Advanced Features

Talent can come from anywhere, do not let language be a barrier!

Hire for potential and for growth with greater diversity!

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Multi Device Compatibility

PerspectAI offers you an easy delivery in multiple ways. Create intriguing experiences with our device-compatible game-based tests. Conduct assessments anytime-anywhere on Mobile phones and desktops/laptops while increasing candidate engagement instantly.

Advanced Features

With remote accessibility, greater scalability, and “N” number of assessments, find the right fits for your organization’s puzzle with PerspectAI.

Make assessing simple, for you and your next top performer!

With all-device compatibility and assessment at your fingertips, gauge candidates' true potential. Create intriguing, unforgettable experiences for all those who come to your doorstep!


PerspectAI reaches your candidates on any device, wherever they are!

All your candidates need is a device that can connect to the internet. THE REST? Is PerspectAI’s Magic!


Scale up your pipelines and hire the best, without any stress!

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