Why Multimeasure Test?

To understand why multi-measure tests are used, there is a need to understand the building blocks of performance. These are the dimensions that contribute to success at a workplace. The Foundation of the building blocks are the dimensions of Cognitive abilities, Traits & Values. These dimensions are collectively referred to as potential. Potential is the ability to take on a position of greater responsibility.

Potential is consistent and is usually unlikely to develop or change. The dimensions Experience, Knowledge, and Skills are built above the foundation, and these help us understand an individual’s past performance. These dimensions are an indicator of growth and can be trained and developed.


Since ‘Potential’ is a hard-to-develop component of the building blocks, it is crucial for organizations to find the ‘right’ potential, who then succeed in open positions. A strong multi-measure test is a combination of assessments that measure Cognitive abilities, Personality traits, and Values.

What Does Research Say?

The most effective hiring practices

Multi-measure Test
Cognitive Ability + Personality + Structured Interview
Cognitive Ability Test
Integrity Test
Work Sample Test
Reference Check
Emotional Intelligence Test
Personality Test
Job Experience




Validity coefficient

The most effective hiring practices based on validity coefficients ranging from 0 to 1. The higher the number, the higher the correlation between test scores and predicted job performance.